In the architectural sector, Pulverit manufactures paint products for aluminum profiles, coils, facade panels and urban furnishings. All of our products are Qualicoat certified, class 1 and 2.
Our powder coatings for this industry are available in a wide variety of finishes and durability, according to specific needs. These finishes, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, contribute to extend the life-span of the finished products.

Aluminum profiles

Our powder coatings for the painting of aluminum profiles are ideal to different painting systems, such as: vertical, horizontal, and disc-based.

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Powder coatings that are particularly flexible, ideal for the post-forming of coils and panels. The paints ideal for this application are marked on our products by the letter "P".

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The technology of sublimation or transfer, consists in transferring an image, previously printed on a special film, to an object. Powder coatings used as sublimation bases can be made using polyester or polyurethane resins, which must resist sublimation temperature (190-200°C) as well as appropriately absorb the inks transferred from the film. Our sublimation bases comply with a variety of specifications.

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Powder-on-powder is a technology used to create aluminum profiles or wooden/shabby style panels. Powder-on-powder is obtained by applying on a based-equipped painted profile an additional coat of paint (vein) through a screen-printing mask or roll featuring the decoration. Our paints are manufactured to be used with Ezy, Real Wood ed Effecta machines. The letter L in our codes denotes a vein.

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