Pulverit has always focused on the R&D of new products and it is no coincidence that it has been one of the pioneers in the production of powder coatings.
Over the years, we have developed new products suitable for the technologies that have gradually entered the powder coating market, such as: UV powder coatings for wood and metal, fusion bonding, powders for Natural, sublimation and powder on powder products.
We have not only focused on the functionality of the powders but also on the aesthetic aspect, creating special effects aimed at meeting the growing needs of our customers, such as: metalized (Dry Blend or Bond), Renaissance, mother of pearl, and fluorescent effects.
We feature two labs capable to develop new products to meet the new challenges of the market. Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments. Thus, we can characterize products from a physical and chemical point of view, study new formulas and test them internally with different instruments.


Research and development of innovative products has always been one of Pulverit\'s cornerstones.
We tend to focus in two main areas:

• Improve products in terms of yield, efficiency and appearance;
• Develop and offer products that respect the environment and reduce energy consumption.

Our constant research and development activity led to our latest product lines: Pulvercoat and Endurance.


Pulvercoat is a new concept product that combines very fast polymerization at low temperature (3 min at 120°C) with excellent chemical resistance, UV resistance and surface hardness. As proof of the quality, originality and uniqueness of Pulvercoat, the European Community awarded us a grant under the Horizon 2020 Program to continue the development of this new technology.

The Pulvercoat project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 825511.


Endurance is a new generation of anti-corrosion products manufactured both in primer version - epoxy-based - and as a finishing coat - Qualicoat polyester-based. These products allow, on the same substrate and pre-treatment, to increase corrosion resistance by 30-50% compared to traditional coatings. Pulverit\'s Endurance products are marked by the letter J in our codes. The Endurance line strives to improve environmental impact compared to traditional galvanizing primers.