We have been manufacturing powder coatings since 1973. We are proud of our roots. Pioneers in this industry, since always we have been manufacturers located in the historic district of Milan, the Bovisa, with Italian minds and hearts. In the year 2000 we inaugurated our second plant in Poland, in Tychy, in the region of Silesia. Pulverit Polska is directed and managed by Polish staff.

In 2007, we established Pulverit Deutschland in Germany and in 2016 Pulverit Iberia in Spain.

We believe in quality, in innovation, in long-lasting relationships and especially in the people that work with us.

We are proud of our history, linked to our experience and tradition, and always with a vision for the future to anticipate and manage change. As proof of our commitment and professionalism, in 2018 Pulverit received a major grant from the European Community to develop a new generation of fast, low-temperature powder coatings called Pulvercoat, (120°C in 3 minutes).

We are firm believers that those who make a difference in a company are the people, and for this reason we want our staff to be motivated and ready to commit to our project.

Missione & Vision

What does Vision mean to us? Representing the expression of our company culture, it means translating our mission into real facts.

Sustainability, Quality and Innovation are the engine behind our development.

Sustainability is the operative word. Sustainability of our products, production processes, and also concerning the people who work with us. For us, being sustainable means guaranteeing a development that will ensure that the needs of the present generation are met, without compromising those of future generations.

Quality is a word that is often abused, that is why we prefer to communicate this concept in a different manner: we wish our customers to enjoy using our products. Which means: quality, service and sustainability at the same time.

Innovation, another term that is often abused, but that is required for growth, and with our history and our experience we have always been able to prove this to be true. We have been pioneers of new technologies: powder on powder, UV powder, Pulvercoat and Endurance. We do not know what the future is holding, but we will certainly be there.