Ricerca + Innovazione

The Powder coatings market constantly evolving and it is always looking for new products improved concerning finishing, chemical and physical properties, spraying and processing characteristics.

The powder coatings, with their very good environment compatibility, due to their solvents free technology, are every day more frequently requested to replace liquid coatings use for every kind of items finishing, like , for istance, the coating of plastic stuff.


Accept this challenge means to override, by technological innovation, all the problems that actually don't allow to powder coatings to fully replace the liquid paints.

To reach this goal, Pulverit works hard to technological and formulative innovation plan, by its R&D Labs, to face and sometimes to prevent the new market demands, like:


# Lower powder coating layer

# Improvement of products reactivity, to increase coating lines production
# Curing temperature reduction, to get a better energetic yield, or to coat non metallic items
# Improvement of chemical and physical properties to increase ageing stability of products

# Improvement of process behaviour