ONECOAT M10 Consortium Meeting

ONECOAT M10 Consortium Meeting

October 22, 2013 12:00 am

ONECOAT M10 Consortium Meeting Minutes 23/10/2013

ONECOAT M10 Meeting Agenda

22nd-23rd OCTOBER 2013
IFAM, Bremen (Germany)

Time Session 1. Visit to IFAM. October 22nd 2013
18:30 Meeting at IFAM and start the visit
20:00 Consortium Dinner at “Bremer Freimarkt”
Presentation Responsible
Time Session 2. Consortium Meeting. October 23rd 2013
9:00 Welcome. Presentation of the Agenda. Revision of last meeting action List Pulverit
Technical Review
WP 2 Development of resin composition.
Results on resin synthesis INSP
Results on commercial available resins IFAM
WP 3 Formulation of glass coating for improved mechanical
Formulations from commercial available resins. Additives. Application IFAM
Technical discussion.
Further work plan for the next 3 month ALL
SME interests SMEs
Exploitation and Dissemination BEF
Financial and Administrative Issues INSP
Questions and Answers. List of Actions ALL
13:00 End of Meeting

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