OneCoat Project

Europe is the first producer of glass containers worldwide. However, various threats endanger the sustainability of this key industry: imports from low-cost labour countries outside Europe increased and more than 14,000 employments were lost in the European glass industry during the last 3 years. In addition, glass directly competes with other materials for packaging applications, especially plastics. It is cleaner, non-reactive, tasteless, chemically inert, fully recyclable and transparent but its surface is relatively brittle and prone to scratching which will result in premature breakage during the manipulation of the containers. Weight is also a drawback as an important percentage of the production costs from the food and beverage industries come from transport of glass containers.

Most of the glass containers produced nowadays is treated with an organic coating after formation to improve its resistance. There is a great demand from the glass containers industry itself for advanced coatings that allow improvement of mechanical resistance and weight reduction.


OneCoat will develop a coating material and application technology for glass containers based on polysiloxane (silicone) water emulsion with the following characteristics:

  • Competitive in price
  • Competitive in price
  • Improved 30% overall resistance and 25% higher resistance to scratching allowing for a 10% reduction in weight of glass containers and increase of returns cycles (>40)
  • Highly versatile coating technology useful for different industry segments involved in the supply chain of glass containers (manufacturers, decorators and packaging companies)
  • Application by spraying from water emulsion and drying of the material with speeds up to 800 bottles/min in modern production lines
  • Compatible with the recycling process of glass
  • Free of VOCs during the application process and safe for use in contact with foods and edible products
  • Competitive in price
  • Competitive in price

OneCoat project originated after identification by Alcea (ALC, France) of a market opportunity for the production of coatings intended for the glass container industry. Following this scope, ALC contacted a very experienced spraying system manufacturer, Bersch & Fratscher (BEF, Germany), with more than 50 years history and leader in Germany for the production of such systems in the glass industry. After careful consideration they decided to produce this novel material and contacted Ultrakim (ULT, Turkey) who produces polysiloxane (silicone) materials for different markets including the production of coatings. In order to validate the technology and turn their idea into an industrial valid solution, two end-user companies are involved in the consortium: International Partners in Glass Research (IPGR, Switzerland) who represents large groups manufacturing 10% of the global production of glass containers and Image on Glass (IOG, UK) that decorates glass containers in the sector of beverage packaging.

Consortium industrial partners, have thus united to take this chance of outsourcing the research activities to two internationally recognized RTD performers, INSP and IFAM, to conduct such research on our behalf and strongly believe that this Research for the benefit of SMEs called by the EC represents an outstanding opportunity to gradually move from a production-based economy to a knowledge-based one. The innovative properties of OneCoat technology for glass containers will become an important factor for the increased competitiveness of PUL, ULT and BEF after successful completion of the project’s objectives.